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Windle Weekend Trip to the “Other” Washington

The Windle Campaign spent the weekend in Washington DC attending fundraisers and meetings. The trip was productive. One event turned into an unplanned town hall meeting when over a dozen supporters asked him about his policy positions. Many of the questions centered on his emphasis of a federal budget “grand bargain” to balance the budget in less than a decade. His primary argument for the urgent need of grand bargain is to bolster business and household confidence. Confidence makes people take risk to change jobs, buy a home, invest, or start a small business. The gridlock in Congress has provided no certainty on taxes, spending, regulation, and other costs like education and healthcare. There is even a question whether the government will shut down or whether the government will default on its debt. A grand bargain gets spending under control, reforms taxes, and reforms entitlement benefits, while protecting those currently relying on benefits or soon will be. Such a deal would immediately inject confidence in the U.S. economy domestically and abroad. He also believes that if the budget is balanced with spending, taxes, and entitlements the required changes will not be nearly as severe as the two political parties or other alarmists assert.