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Windle Log Run – Issaquah August 3rd

James will be running with his log from 5pm to 6pm in Issaquah today. The meeting spot will be Issaquah Coffee Company at 4:30 pm (317 NW Gilman Blvd Ste 47, Issaquah, WA). James would be happy to answer any questions over a quick cup of coffee before he heads out for his run. A group will also be walking around Issaquah too, so we hope to see you there. Yesterday, James was running in Leavenworth.

To see what a log run looks like, check out the YouTube clip below:

His profile is at:

His campaign ad:

Also, if you would like to join any events, get in touch with us via email or Facebook at:

Tomorrow’s run will be in Cle Elum at 5pm.