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Windle Log Run Dedication – August 5

DEDICATION OF THE 10-MILE LOG RUN – GUNNERY SERGEANT BRYCE BENNETT: The idea for a longer log run came late last week. When your job is to meet and talk with people, you hear all sorts of inspiring stories. One young man, Gunnery Sergeant Bryce Bennett, 1st Recon, EOD platoon, First Marine Division, made quite an impression on me. Also from the Sammamish area, he deployed on multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now out of the Marine Corps, he is adjusting back to civilian life. When you consider what he has done and is now enduring as he recovers from the injuries he sustained, it makes you feel like you should work harder in life. We also need to remember our obligation to provide top-quality support and care to the veterans of our armed forces. I am dedicating the run today to Sergeant Bennett. The run is also in memory of Sergeant Rudy Valdez, Sergeant Xavier Bravo, and Lance Corporal Justin Ellesworth, 7th Engineer Support Battalion. Thank you to all of the men and women in uniform for their service to our country.