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Windle Campaign Urges Grand Bargain for Job Growth

Snoqualmie Pass, WA – The U.S. economy added a paltry 80,000 jobs this past month to mark a third straight month of slow job growth. James Windle, an Independent candidate for Washington’s 8th Congressional District, spoke with voters over the Fourth of July holiday about the need for Congress to reach a grand bargain to balance the budget in less than ten years. Such an agreement would inject confidence in the economy leading to investment and job creation.

“A plan to the balance the budget is not just about avoiding interest on the debt or upholding a rhetorical principle of fiscal responsibility. It is about confidence. This economy needs confidence more than anything. Businesses and households cannot plan for the future not knowing what taxes, federal spending, entitlement benefits, and regulation will be. A lot of people are sitting tight until Congress and the parties do their job.”

A grand bargain involves balancing the budget through spending cuts, tax reform, and entitlement reform near simultaneously, while protecting entitlements of those currently or soon relying on benefits. This approach would minimize the disruptions and adjustments in all areas. The two political parties, in contrast, propose plans relying heavily on one or two of the three areas. The Republican Ryan Plan, which does not create surpluses until the 2040 timeframe, relies almost entirely on spending cuts. The Democrats, who have not proposed a formal plan, tend to look at taxes and very modest spending cuts to balance the budget. Independent members of Congress would be effective advocates for a grand bargain.

“What recent Congresses and the political parties do not seem to realize is their low approval ratings do have a tangible impact on the economy in the form of confidence. When Congress gets nothing done or pays political games, it makes households and businesses less inclined to take risks. We do not pay members of Congress $174,000 per year for gridlock. Individual members should be held accountable. Electing Independents in Congress would challenge the partisan gridlock.”

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Windle Campaign Urges Grand Bargain for Job Growth

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