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Week-long Windle Log Run to the Primary

James announced today he would be running two to four miles per day, beginning on Monday, with his increasingly famous log on his shoulder. He will start at coffee shops he has visited throughout the primary campaign. While there is certainly a humorous angle to running in public with the log, he aims to draw serious attention to his candidacy as an Independent. The two political parties historically have huge advantages over Independent candidates so much so that there is not a single Independent member right now in the U.S. House of Representatives. He also wishes to emphasize the importance of an active lifestyle to staying healthy and productive. Congress needs diverse voices to break the gridlock of the two parties. James has campaigned hard since leaving his job in this attempt to serve you. He has experience in government, independence from the inflexible party platforms, and courage to represent the 8th well in Congress as an Independent. This is the election cycle for you to think for yourself and vote Independent. Vote and support Windle in the primary.

The details of the log runs are in the press release (no log is required). Voters and Windependents are welcome to join.

Windle Commits to Daily Log Running for Final Week of Campaign