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Message for Windependents

Thanks everyone for your support. This is just the beginning.

Message for Windependents _ Final Press Release _ Windle for Congress

Thanks for Your Support

Congratulations to Dave Reichert and Karen Porterfield, who appear to be headed into the general election. The election results were disappointing but consider what we achieved.  In 90 days, we managed to establish a volunteer base, deploy signs all around the district, visit numerous community events, walk in parades, run a TV commercial (unusual for an independent campaign), meet with countless voters in a highly personal way in the coffee shop campaign, attract national media attention, and built lasting relationships with businesses and people all over the 8th district. Thanks to my wife and family for their support. Tiffany Windle-Hanson, my sister and campaign manager, did a fantastic job. To all of the Windependents, thanks for your donations, encouragement, hard work, and support. This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my professional life. We are pioneers in bringing independent ideas back into politics. This is the beginning, not the end.


I am driving around stopping by many of the campaign’s main haunts to encourage people to finish those ballots. We can do this but we need every Windependent to vote as turnout will be key. Remember the warning from the California primary; Democrats and Republicans vote but Independents or late-undecideds decide not to in the primary. I am sure we picked up Democrats and Republicans in our coalition, but we need Independents too. A few minutes of your time could set us up for another 90 days of fighting for a better Congress. I need you to act!

Primary Election Day Is Here – Why Windle?

Make sure to get your primary ballot completed and dropped in the mail today. Every vote counts. I understand frustration with Congress, the two parties, and politicians in general. That’s why I left my job to come home and do this as an Independent. I know how Congress works. I am not part of the party problem. And I am not a politician, I am someone who knows how to get things done in the federal government. A vote for Windle is a vote for a new, independent politics for an independent District. Vote for Windle, Washington’s 8th Congressional District. Thanks for your support.

Message to Voters: Think for Yourself, Vote Independent

Dear Voters:
Primary ballots are almost due. I started the campaign challenging people to consider their party loyalties and how they have played out in Congress.  For Independents, I am challenging you to not pick the person you like least, but let’s be bold and put an Independent forward. I quit my job because I accepted the challenge that we need Independents in Congress right now and that our District, Washington’s 8th, is independent-minded. This challenge is a good place to end the primary campaign too.
George Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address warned against the “spirit of party.” His concern was how the parties lead to group think. This sometimes leads to supporting flawed candidates, lies, and bad policies that might not be in the national interest. There are good, hard-working people in both parties. Today, however, in the U.S. Congress, the parties are much more concerned with re-election and gaining majorities than serving you.
Think for yourself, vote for an Independent in this primary. I hope you have considered my candidacy carefully. You will be best represented by an Independent in Congress, who has local roots, experience in government, independent ideas, and courage to act.

Windle Log Run Dedication – August 5

DEDICATION OF THE 10-MILE LOG RUN – GUNNERY SERGEANT BRYCE BENNETT: The idea for a longer log run came late last week. When your job is to meet and talk with people, you hear all sorts of inspiring stories. One young man, Gunnery Sergeant Bryce Bennett, 1st Recon, EOD platoon, First Marine Division, made quite an impression on me. Also from the Sammamish area, he deployed on multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now out of the Marine Corps, he is adjusting back to civilian life. When you consider what he has done and is now enduring as he recovers from the injuries he sustained, it makes you feel like you should work harder in life. We also need to remember our obligation to provide top-quality support and care to the veterans of our armed forces. I am dedicating the run today to Sergeant Bennett. The run is also in memory of Sergeant Rudy Valdez, Sergeant Xavier Bravo, and Lance Corporal Justin Ellesworth, 7th Engineer Support Battalion. Thank you to all of the men and women in uniform for their service to our country.

Windle Log Run – Cle Elum August 4

Today James will be running four miles in and around Cle Elum. This marks the sixth consecutive day of log running and he has covered 22 miles in the 8th District so far in Auburn, Maple Valley, Ellensburg, Leavenworth, and Issaquah. His big run is tomorrow. He plans to run 10 miles between Cashmere and Wenatchee. James is accustomed to extreme heat conditions during his time in Washington DC and the forecast tomorrow is for over 100 degrees in Wenatchee. In the final days before the election, he is wanting to prove to voters he is willing to do the heavylifting for you in Congress. This is the way James has approached his career in public service. There is no rest while there is work to do. There is a lot of work to do in Congress right now.

The best way to monitor his progress is to like his Facebook page:

A clip from his Issaquah run is below:

Windle Log Run – Issaquah August 3rd

James will be running with his log from 5pm to 6pm in Issaquah today. The meeting spot will be Issaquah Coffee Company at 4:30 pm (317 NW Gilman Blvd Ste 47, Issaquah, WA). James would be happy to answer any questions over a quick cup of coffee before he heads out for his run. A group will also be walking around Issaquah too, so we hope to see you there. Yesterday, James was running in Leavenworth.

To see what a log run looks like, check out the YouTube clip below:

His profile is at:

His campaign ad:

Also, if you would like to join any events, get in touch with us via email or Facebook at:

Tomorrow’s run will be in Cle Elum at 5pm.

Ellensburg Daily Record Coverage – Windle Campaign

Yesterday, Ellensburg’s Daily Record ran a photo of the Windle campaign stop on Wednesday in Ellensburg.    

Photo Credit: Brian Myrick (Daily Record)

Final Push to Primary Election Day – Log Run Update

James has now “logged” 9.5 miles carrying his log through communities in the 8th District. Before his runs, the meetings at coffee shops have been engaging meeting many Windependents and local press. He has ran in Auburn, Maple Valley, and Ellensburg this week. Stops in coming days include Wenatchee, Cle Elum, Issaquah, Leavenworth, and Sammamish. You can see a clip of one of this his latest runs at: