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Message to Voters: Think for Yourself, Vote Independent

Dear Voters:
Primary ballots are almost due. I started the campaign challenging people to consider their party loyalties and how they have played out in Congress.  For Independents, I am challenging you to not pick the person you like least, but let’s be bold and put an Independent forward. I quit my job because I accepted the challenge that we need Independents in Congress right now and that our District, Washington’s 8th, is independent-minded. This challenge is a good place to end the primary campaign too.
George Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address warned against the “spirit of party.” His concern was how the parties lead to group think. This sometimes leads to supporting flawed candidates, lies, and bad policies that might not be in the national interest. There are good, hard-working people in both parties. Today, however, in the U.S. Congress, the parties are much more concerned with re-election and gaining majorities than serving you.
Think for yourself, vote for an Independent in this primary. I hope you have considered my candidacy carefully. You will be best represented by an Independent in Congress, who has local roots, experience in government, independent ideas, and courage to act.