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Ellensburg Daily Record Coverage – Windle Campaign

Yesterday, Ellensburg’s Daily Record ran a photo of the Windle campaign stop on Wednesday in Ellensburg.    

Photo Credit: Brian Myrick (Daily Record)

Seattle Weekly on the Windle Campaign and Log Runs

Seattle Weekly ran a blog on James’ unorthodox fitness routine. In its typical colorful language, Seattle Weekly has some fun with James’ routine. A question that has come up is what does his wife think of these work-outs. While she doesn’t carry logs, she has been known to carry some rocks up and down the hill with James and other Windependents. You can say she is with James most steps of the way. They both find that fitness, even amidst busy schedules, is necessary to have the strength to keep up their busy schedules. It is also something that is enjoyable to do with each other and with others.

The “Lighter Side” of Windle For Congress – From the Washington Post

The Washington Post’s “Reliable Source” blog did a profile of the Windle for Congress campaign with a focus on James’ physical fitness regimen. James and his wife have always been active, including unconventional work-outs that are both challenging and humorous. Reliable Source gives a closer a look at James’ running with a log as part of his cross-fit work0uts in recent months. The photo in the piece  is from the Summit at Snoqualmie in late-May. Yes, there was still snow near his house.–with-a-giant-log-on-his-shoulder/2012/07/24/gJQADu7P7W_blog.html

Feature on Windle for Congress – Independent Voters of America

The Independent Voters of America (IVA), which is one of the largest national networks of Independent voters, has watched the Windle campaign closely as a potential race where an Independent could get through the primary election. They posted a feature today on the Windle campaign. It is far-ranging discussion looking at the motivations and circumstances that led to James leaving his job in Washington DC to return home and run for Congress. In contrast to his profile video, campaign ad, and a lot of his campaigning that have focused on his local connections, this piece is the perspective from a national organization on the campaign. There is interest nationally in a credible Independent challenging a multiple-term incumbent.

See the link at:

Windle For Congress “Think for Yourself” Campaign Ad

A Windle for Congress campaign ad “Think for Yourself”  is now posted on YouTube and will be aired in select communities in the days ahead. His message is that this election, people should think for themselves, and vote for an Independent for Congress. Sending more Democrats and Republicans will lead to more of the same in Congress. The sets include the backyard of his childhood home in Sammamish, working under the hood of his truck with his father in Fall City, near one his favorite hikes in Snoqualmie Pass, and his favorite coffee shop in Cle Elum.


8th District Election Coverage – Tacoma News Tribune

The Tacoma News Tribune ran a story today reviewing the issues and candidates of Washington’s 8th Congressional District.

Part II of Roundtable for Independent Candidates

The second installment posted of  a candidates’ roundtable by the Independent Voters of The question this week was, “How will you counter the “wasted vote” argument that all independent and third party challengers face?” James handled this question easily because this State has an open, top-two primary. Since the major parties are often divided with numerous candidates, an Independent candidate has a much better chance to build a competitive primary constituency here than in other States. Also, voters, whether they are Democrat or Republican, can vote for Windle as an Independent with “no party preference” in the Washington State primary. See the full response at:

Film “Grassroots” Profiles Windle for Seattle Screening

The film “Grassroots,” set in Seattle and directed by Stephen Gyllenhaall, interviewed James on Capitol Hill in Seattle last Wednesday. They filmed him discussing a number of policy issues with residents as part of the film’s effort to profile Independent and grassroots candidates in the Seattle-area.  On Friday, he spoke after the screening of the film about the need for an independent voice in Congress. He met people from the audience afterwards in the theater lobby, including residents from the 8th. The issues at stake in this campaign are very serious, but there is humor around every corner when running a campaign as an Independent with no party preference.

Independent Voters of America Roundtable

James has participated in a roundtable with other Independent candidates for Congress for the Independent Voters of America (IVA). In coming weeks, IVA will post the responses to a series of questions. This week’s question was the most obvious question, “Why run as an Independent.” Having worked closely with both political parties, James has a clear vision both of why he is running an Independent and what he would do once elected in working very hard to find other centrists from both parties.

See the following link:

Political Independents on the Rise

The Seattle Times ran an article today citing a poll that more and more Americans identify as political independents rather than with political parties. A poll from earlier this year, cited in Seattle Weekly, confirmed this was the case in the 8th Congressional District with 36.5% identifying as political independent. James Windle will be the only candidate on the ballot for the 8th Congressional District who will have no party preference as an independent. The other contenders align with the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively. See link at: