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Windle Log Run Dedication – August 5

DEDICATION OF THE 10-MILE LOG RUN – GUNNERY SERGEANT BRYCE BENNETT: The idea for a longer log run came late last week. When your job is to meet and talk with people, you hear all sorts of inspiring stories. One young man, Gunnery Sergeant Bryce Bennett, 1st Recon, EOD platoon, First Marine Division, made quite an impression on me. Also from the Sammamish area, he deployed on multiple combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now out of the Marine Corps, he is adjusting back to civilian life. When you consider what he has done and is now enduring as he recovers from the injuries he sustained, it makes you feel like you should work harder in life. We also need to remember our obligation to provide top-quality support and care to the veterans of our armed forces. I am dedicating the run today to Sergeant Bennett. The run is also in memory of Sergeant Rudy Valdez, Sergeant Xavier Bravo, and Lance Corporal Justin Ellesworth, 7th Engineer Support Battalion. Thank you to all of the men and women in uniform for their service to our country.

Windle Log Run – Cle Elum August 4

Today James will be running four miles in and around Cle Elum. This marks the sixth consecutive day of log running and he has covered 22 miles in the 8th District so far in Auburn, Maple Valley, Ellensburg, Leavenworth, and Issaquah. His big run is tomorrow. He plans to run 10 miles between Cashmere and Wenatchee. James is accustomed to extreme heat conditions during his time in Washington DC and the forecast tomorrow is for over 100 degrees in Wenatchee. In the final days before the election, he is wanting to prove to voters he is willing to do the heavylifting for you in Congress. This is the way James has approached his career in public service. There is no rest while there is work to do. There is a lot of work to do in Congress right now.

The best way to monitor his progress is to like his Facebook page:

A clip from his Issaquah run is below:

Windle Log Run – Issaquah August 3rd

James will be running with his log from 5pm to 6pm in Issaquah today. The meeting spot will be Issaquah Coffee Company at 4:30 pm (317 NW Gilman Blvd Ste 47, Issaquah, WA). James would be happy to answer any questions over a quick cup of coffee before he heads out for his run. A group will also be walking around Issaquah too, so we hope to see you there. Yesterday, James was running in Leavenworth.

To see what a log run looks like, check out the YouTube clip below:

His profile is at:

His campaign ad:

Also, if you would like to join any events, get in touch with us via email or Facebook at:

Tomorrow’s run will be in Cle Elum at 5pm.

Windle Campaign Events Weekend of July 14th

This weekend the Windle campaign will be holding and participating in a number of events. On Saturday morning, July 14, James will be running in Kent’s Cornucopia 5K fun run. He will be carrying a medicine ball to signify his willingness to do the heavy lifting in Congress. He will do a coffee shop campaign stop at the Issaquah Coffee Company around 1pm before heading to a BBQ for Sammamish volunteers, supporters, and guests at the Inglewood Beach Club from 3-6 pm. On Sunday, he will be in Kent in the Cornucopia parade that begins at 2pm. Visit the campaign website at You can follow his Twitter feed on his Facebook page, “Windle for Congress.”

Event at Snow Lake Trailhead

On Saturday, the Windle campaign hosted supporters for a hike and a cook-out in the parking lot at Alpental near Snoqualmie Pass. The weather was spectacular. The event became larger as hikers returning to their cars saw the Windle for Congress signs. Seeing the words “Independent Ideas” on the signs, people did not need a lot of encouragement to engage on politics. The partisan gridlock was a hot topic. A lot of people wanted to know how the political parties actually worked inside of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Having worked recently in Congress and taught a graduate course on Congress, James explained the current state of politics inside the House. The discussion turned into a interesting back and forth on problems and solutions.

Windle Weekend Trip to the “Other” Washington

The Windle Campaign spent the weekend in Washington DC attending fundraisers and meetings. The trip was productive. One event turned into an unplanned town hall meeting when over a dozen supporters asked him about his policy positions. Many of the questions centered on his emphasis of a federal budget “grand bargain” to balance the budget in less than a decade. His primary argument for the urgent need of grand bargain is to bolster business and household confidence. Confidence makes people take risk to change jobs, buy a home, invest, or start a small business. The gridlock in Congress has provided no certainty on taxes, spending, regulation, and other costs like education and healthcare. There is even a question whether the government will shut down or whether the government will default on its debt. A grand bargain gets spending under control, reforms taxes, and reforms entitlement benefits, while protecting those currently relying on benefits or soon will be. Such a deal would immediately inject confidence in the U.S. economy domestically and abroad. He also believes that if the budget is balanced with spending, taxes, and entitlements the required changes will not be nearly as severe as the two political parties or other alarmists assert.

Presentation at the UW

James spoke with students at the Jackson School of International Studies today. He graduated from the Jackson School in 2000. The title of his presentation was, “How the ‘Other’ Washington Works (and Doesn’t).” He offered his views on the state of the national government, reasons for gridlock, and advice to the students on how to seek careers in public service.

Phase 1 of Windle Campaign Organization Complete

The Windle campaign is in full swing with the submission of the materials for the voters’ pamphlet today to the Washington State Secretary of State. In three short weeks, the Windle campaign has filed for candidacy, set-up its campaign fund raising apparatus, launched its website, and completed all requirements to be on the ballot on August 7th. The focus of Phase 2 will be to structure its outreach throughout the District and continue fund raising. Memorial Day weekend will have Windle all over the District, including Farmers’ markets, Memorial Day observances, barbeques, and other events. Thank you to all of the volunteers and donors who have made this possible.

Cook-out at Mom’s House

At the core of every political campaign is a group of family and friends who believe in you. After weeks of work in organizing the campaign, I am finally getting together with family and friends at my childhood home in Sammamish. Stay tuned to my Twitter feed @windle4congress