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My name is JAMES WINDLE and I want to be your member of Congress for Washington State’s 8th District. Born and raised right here in the 8th District, I returned home with a practical education in the federal government to serve you.  The time is now for independent ideas and the courage to act

I am a political independent with the knowledge and experience to turn ideas into action. A two-year term in Congress means you must hit the ground running which requires a demonstrated ability to navigate through the partisan gridlock in Congress. I am fully prepared and eager to do so.

I will represent you and place your interests above the self-serving interests of the major political parties. The 8th District has independent thinkers, with over a third identifying themselves as Independents. You deserve a representative who represents you and not a party’s inflexible platform. The parties have had their chances, but time and again, they have failed to meet the needs of people on both sides of the Cascades.

You have the choice this election, as you do every other one, to choose between a Democrat and a Republican. If you vote for a Democrat or Republican, do not expect different results from your Congress. I am giving you the alternative to vote independent. I will get you better results.

The label of Democrat or Republican is not nearly as important as whether or not the ideas solve problems. I have worked closely with people from both political parties. An Independent can rise above the partisan divide to pressure the parties and Congress to do what is necessary to secure our path toward prosperity and security.

Trusting me with your vote will inject something new into Congress. I will fight hard for common-sense solutions while staying true to the principles of fiscal responsibility; pro-growth policies for business; efficient, smarter government; a simpler, fairer tax code; and a strong national defense. With tax reform and savings from a more efficient federal government, we can also invest in the priority infrastructure and education necessary to out-compete other countries in the 21st century.

Time is short. Now is the time to tell Congress that there is a better way to get work done. Now is the time for independent ideas and the courage to act.

Vote for JAMES WINDLE and move the 8th District and the country forward toward a better future.